Payments to school

At St. Peter’s, we rely on different contributions to be able function well and safely.  In addition, we occasionally ask parents to contribute towards the costs of trips and visits throughout the year.  Our ‘Charging and Remissions Policy’ (Which can be found under ‘Statutory Information’ Section) has further information about payments made to the school.

School Improvement Fund

In September 2016, we made significant changes to the funding we request in the form of voluntary contributions.  This is so that we can make the process more simple for parents.  We are no asking for one single payment for the ‘School Improvement Fund’.  This replaces the 2 previous payments that we requested for the School Fund and the Governor’s fund.

We request that a payment of £53 is made per family each year towards the School Improvement fund.

What happens to this money?

We will split the amount into two accounts.  The first portion is directed into the ‘School Improvement Fund’, (formally known as the ‘Governor’s Fund’).  This money is used to ensure that the building is safe, warm and dry.  Whenever repairs are made to the school, the Diocese usually agree to pay 90% or the total cost.  The remaining 10% must be provided from voluntary contributions from the school community; this being the money that is kindly donated by parents into the School Improvement Fund each year, as well as the proceeds from the Christmas Fayre which is arranged by Miss McNamara and the Governors.  In the last 2 years, we have used this money to replace the Boilers, repair the roof and fix the stonework on the front of the building.  At a cost of over £200,000, none of these projects would have been able to happen and the school would not be able to stay open.

What happens to the second portion of the money?

The remainder of the money is directed into the ‘School Fund’.   The school fund is used to purchase items that are not included in the school’s annual budget.  For example, in April, we decide how to spend all of the money that is given to us in a year.  If one of the teacher’s laptop is unexpectedly written-off, we need to replace this and use the school fund to cover the cost.  In addition, this money is used to help pay for things like school trips for children who would not necessarily be able to pay for them themselves.  This year, the school fund has bought a screen for the hall, a screen for class three and a laptop.  It has also been used to fund items for First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

How can I pay the School Improvement Fund Money?

You can pay this money in any amount that you would like, but we suggest that you either pay £17.60 per full term, or £53 per academic year.

Other Payments

School Dinners – £2.25 per day

Methods of Payment

Cheques – Please make these payable to ‘St. Peter’s Catholic School’

Cheques for Dinners – Please make these payable to ‘Warwickshire County Council’

Alternatively, you can pay directly into our school bank account using the following details


Account number: 00475222

Sort Code: 30-94-93

Please email the school office with details of your payment (