Our number one priority at St. Peter’s is to keep all members of our school community safe.  We have a robust Safeguarding policy and all staff receive regular training on how best to keep children safe.  This policy can be found on the ‘Statutory Information’ Page.

We warmly welcome all visitors to our school, but we simply ask that anyone wishing to enter the building, do so through the main entrance by the office.  A member of staff will ask you to sign in and you will be given a badge that clearly identifies you as a guest to our school.  It is vital that all children, staff and other visitors feel safe and know who each other are.  The badge facilitates this.  For more information about staying safe online, please visit our e-safety page.


We would like to remind all parents about our continued commitment to the safety and wellbeing of all members of our school community. If you see or hear something about the safety or wellbeing of a child or adult at our school that causes you to worry; however big or small it seems, please share this with Mrs Sharman or Mrs Giacalone as the designated safeguarding leads, or Mary Grayling on behalf of the governors. Remember that all staff are trained to deal with Safeguarding issues, so if in doubt speak to the first available member of school staff.  Sometimes the tiniest piece of information can lead to us being able to see a much bigger picture. If you would prefer to record concerns in writing, please do so, ‘green forms’ are available from the office.