Headteacher – Mrs Sharman

Mrs Sharman is our headteacher.  Mrs. Sharman is also our RE co-ordinator and Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Class 1 Teacher – Mrs Casley

Mrs Casley is our Class 1 teacher.  She teaches the children in Reception.  Mrs Casley is also our SENDCO.

Class 2 Teacher – Miss Cullinan

Miss Cullinan teaches in Class 2.  She teaches the children that are in Year 1 and Year 2.  In the Spring, she will also be running our School Council.  

Class 3 Teacher – Miss Hart

Miss Hart is our Class 3 teacher; she teaches children in Year 3 and Year 4.  Miss Hart is learning about how to be an RE co-ordinator and she will start this job in the Spring. She will also run our Chaplaincy Team.

Class 4 Teacher – Miss Key

Miss Key teaches in Class 4.  She teaches childrne in year 5 and 6.  This year, she is also our PE co-ordinator and is working hard to improve Sports at St. Peter’s.  Miss Key also oversees our work on World Debate.  

Office Manager – Mrs Giacalone

Mrs. Giacalone is in charge of our school office.  She pays all of the bills!

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Wijeratne (we call her Mrs VJ!)

Mrs VJ works in Key Stage 2 to help children with their learning. 

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Elmore

Mrs Elmore is also one of our teaching assistants.  She works in Key Stage 1.  She is really creative and helps us make our displays extra special!

Acting Headteacher – Mrs Enstone

Mrs. Enstone is in charge of our school whilst Mrs Sharman is on Maternity Leave.  

Office assistant and lunchtime supervisor – Miss Warnke

Miss Warnke looks after us at lunchtime.  She also works in our office and helps Mrs Giacalone out.  

Miss Elliot – Teaching Assistant

Miss Elliot is our teaching assistant.  She usually works in Key Stage 2.