Catholic Life

photo-stpeterSt. Peter’s is a Catholic school, which means that we put Christ at the centre of everything that we do. Our Catholic ethos sets our school apart from our friends in non-Catholic schools, primarily because we allow the Gospel Values of the faith to flow through each aspect of the education we provide for our children. Whilst our school is not exclusively for Catholic children, many families choose to educate their children within the Catholic School system because of the distinctive nature of the schools; the way Catholic schools promote values and because of the role the school plays in supporting parents in raising their children in the Catholic faith

Catholic Schools exist for four main reasons:

  • to make Christ known to all people
  • to assist parents as the primary educators of their children, (in the education and religious formation of their children)
  • to be at the service of the local church
  • to be a service to society.

At St. Peter’s we endeavour to meet the needs of our children, families and community.

Our Mission and Strategy committee within the Governing Body meet throughout the year to ensure that we are constantly evaluating our work and ensuring that Christ is at the centre of our work each day. Information about how we meet these 4 criteria can be found within the pages of this website.

Where can I get support in raising my child in the Catholic faith?

There are many approaches that you can take to raising your child in the faith, but it is important to remember that we are here to offer help and support wherever possible. Be it through prayer or worship, or perhaps through advice on meeting your child’s individual needs, we are always here to help. Please feel free to contact school, even if its just for a chat or some reassurance

What is St. Peter’s approach to teaching Religious Education?

At St. Peter’s school, we plan and teach our RE lessons using the Birmingham Catholic Diocese Syllabus ‘Learning and Growing as the People of God’. This is a selection of documents aimed at each year group in the school, which covers all of the aspects of our Catholic faith curriculum. The work we do in RE does also cover other faiths and children are encouraged to celebrate faiths that are different to their own, as well as share their own faiths and beliefs. We dedicate 10% of our teaching time to directly teaching RE each week.

What provision is made for collective worship at St. Peter’s School?

We conduct collective worship in some format every day at school. In classes, the children take part in class prayer sessions at the start of the day, before lunch and at the end of the day. In addition to this, we have a schedule of whole school collective worship opportunities throughout the week. Staff relate events from photo-alterboth daily life in school and around the wider world to the teachings of the Catholic church and to stories of the Bible. Through collective worship, we are able to teach the Gospel Values that underpin our School Mission, giving the children a contextual understanding of living in the image of God. As well as worship in school, we regularly celebrate mass throughout the year, at our local Parish Church. We deliver the Sacramental preparation and ceremony for our children who are ready for Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Have you got a question about the Catholic Life of the school that we haven’t answered? Please contact the school office and we will endeavour to answer any questions that you have.