At St. Peter’s School, we strongly encourage our children to develop a personal relationship with God through prayer.  In each year group, we develop the practice of prayer so that children and adults are given opportunities to communicate with God, to thank Him, ask for His help or forgiveness and to praise Him.

We aim to support families in the practice of regular prayer outside of school too.  Finding time to sit with your children in peace and unity with God is very important.  Please find a selection of prayers on this page that are suitable for each age group.  Over time, we will have have also included some prayers that our children have written throughout the school year.  We also welcome any prayers that you would like to share with us so feel free to email them to the school.

Foundation Stage Prayers

Year One Prayers

Year Two Prayers

Year 3 Prayers

Year 4 Prayers

Year 5 Prayers

Year 6 Prayers