photo-website-2016-54‘Phonics’ is the term we use to describe the method schools use to teach children how to spell, read ad write.  Literally, ‘phonics’ means ‘sounds’.  We teach children the sounds that make up the English Language and then we show them which letters to use to make those sounds so that they can start learning to read and write.  At St. Peter’s, we use Letters and Sounds to teach our Phonics

If you are new to Phonics, it can seem like a very complicated topic!  There are lots of words and phrases that you may not understand and it can be quite confusing.  To make things a little clearer, please download a copy of our Guide to Phonics for Parents.  This explains how we teach Phonics at St. Peter’s, but also how you can help your child at home (and it helpfully explains what some of the terminology means too!).  If you’re still confused, please pop in and speak to the teachers who will be more than happy to help explain.

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Parent Guide to Phonics