Catholic Life at St. Peter's School
Our Mission

Our Values and Ethos

St. Peter’s is a Catholic school, and our Mission is that we put Jesus at the heart of everything that we do. Our Catholic ethos sets our school apart from our friends in non-Catholic schools, primarily because we allow the Gospel Values of the faith to flow through each aspect of the education we provide for our children. Whilst our school is not exclusively for Catholic children, many families choose to educate their children within the Catholic School system because of the distinctive nature of the schools; the way Catholic schools promote values and because of the role the school plays in supporting parents in raising their children in the Catholic faith

Catholic Schools exist for four main reasons:

  • to make Christ known to all people
  • to assist parents as the primary educators of their children, (in the education and religious formation of their children)
  • to be at the service of the local church
  • to be a service to society.

At St. Peter’s we endeavour to meet the needs of our children, families and community.

Parish and Community

We are proud to be part of the family of Catholic Churches in Leamington Spa.

St. Peter’s School is lucky to be situated so closely to St. Peter Apostle; our Parish Church. Not only does this mean that we are strongly supported by the priests of the Parish, but we are also able to enjoy visiting the Church for regular worship and celebration. Our PTFA and governing body also make use of the Parish centre facilities in arranging school events. Other local Catholic Schools within our Parish and our local community, there are several other Catholic Primary Schools, as well as Trinity Catholic High School. We work closely with these schools as well as other local non-Catholic schools, sharing good practice and ensuring a smooth transition for children moving up to the High School.
Our Curriculum

Religious Education

At St. Peter’s school, we plan and teach our RE lessons using the Birmingham Catholic Diocese Syllabus ‘Learning and Growing as the People of God’. This is a selection of documents aimed at each year group in the school, which covers all of the aspects of our Catholic faith curriculum. The work we do in RE also covers other faiths and children are encouraged to celebrate faiths that are different to their own, as well as share their own faiths and beliefs. We dedicate 10% of our teaching time to directly teaching RE each week.

Prayer at St. Peter’s

Collective Worship

We enjoy daily collective worship at St. Peter’s.  As well as regular prayers, we also have the following worship sessions as classes or as a school, where we reflect, think and pray:

Monday – The Word of the Lord – We hear the Gospel from next week’s Mass and think about what Jesus is telling us through the Holy text.

Tuesday- Jesus Teaches us – We look at the values and virtues that Jesus taught us and think about how we can apply them to our lives.

Wednesday – Songs of Praise – We sing praise to God

Thursday – Class Collective Worship

Friday – Thank You God! – We thank God for all of the best bits of our week.

We also celebrate Mass, have prayer services, Confession, Sacraments, and reflect at special times of the year.

Meet Our Chaplain

Father Christopher Greaney

Fr. Chris has been our school’s Chaplain for several years, since he retired to our Parish.  Fr. Chris spent many years working in schools and makes a special effort to visit us as much as possible.  

Prayer at St. Peter’s

Learning and Growing as Children of God

Reception Prayers

Click here to read the prayers that we teach our Reception children.

Year 1 Prayers

Click Here to read the prayers that we teach our Year 1 children.

Year 2 Prayers

Click Here to read the prayers that we teach our Year 2 children.

Year 3 Prayers

Click Here to read the prayers that we teach our Year 3 children.

Year 4 Prayers

Click Here to read the prayers that we teach our Year 4 children.

Year 5 Prayers

Click Here to read the prayers that we teach our Year 5 children.

Year 6 Prayers

Click Here to read the prayers that we teach our Year 6 children.

St. Peter's Catholic Primary School

St. Peter's Catholic Primary School

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