St. Peter's Catholic Primary School

Our Governing Body

Meet Our Governing Body

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How To Become A Member of the Governing Body

We often have vacancies on our Governing Body.  If you are interested in becoming either a foundation governor or a parent governor, please contact the school office for more information.

Call For Enquiry

01926 427497

Mail For Enquiry

Foundation Governors

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Archdiocese and are directed to represent the Archbishop and do his bidding.  For more information and to apply to be a foundation governor, click here.

Parent Governors

Parent Governors are elected by the Parent Body at an election.  They are representative parents, not representatives of parents.  To become a parent governor, you must wait for the next election and be nominated by another parent.  

Other roles

The Governing Body has the power to approach individuals and appoint them to specific roles (co-opted and LA Governors).

Our Instrument of Government

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Performance and Standards Committee


School Improvement Plan

School Matters

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Curriculum, teaching & learning




Resource Committee



Human Resources


Health and Safety

To liaise with other committees where necessary


To contribute to the School Improvement Plan


To consider safeguarding and equality implications when undertaking Committee functions

Governor Attendance