Meet our staff

Who We Are

We refer to our staff and students as members of

 our family.  We want them to feel loved, respected

and cherished; just like our children!


Mrs. Sharman

Mrs. Sharman is our Headteacher.  She has worked at St. Peter’s for 9 years now.  Mrs. Sharman is our Designated Safeguarding Lead and until Christmas, she is our SENDCO alongside Mr. Fitzgerald.

Miss. Hart

Miss Hart is our Class 1 teacher.  She teaches our Reception children.  Miss Hart is also our RE co-ordinator and also leads our Catholic Social Teaching work.

Mr. Glyn-Davies

Mr. Glyn-Davies joined us in September and is our Class 3 teacher, teaching the children in Year 3 and Year 4.  Mr. Glyn-Davies is training to be a Designated Safeguarding Lead at our school and is also responsible for supporting our Early  Career teacher and for the Community aspects of our Curriculum.  His photo is coming soon!

Mr. Fitzgerald

 Mr. Fitzgerald joined us in September as our Class 4 teacher.  He teaches the children in Year 5 and 6.  Mr. Fitzgerald is training to become our SENDCO in January 2024 and will be leading the Resilience work within the Curriculum.  His photo is coming soon!

Miss Barrow

Miss Barrow is our Class 2 teacher, teaching children in YEar 1 and 2.  Miss Barrow is in her first year of teaching and is already impressing us with her excellent skills and imagination!  Miss Barrow is an expert in diversity and inclusion and will be leading this area of our curriculum as it grows.  Her photo is coming soon!

Mrs. Macrae

Mrs. Macrae has worn many hats at our school and this year is no different!  This year, Mrs. Macrae is teaching Class 4 every Tuesday.  Her photo is coming soon!

Miss. Elliott

Miss. Elliott is our senior Teaching Assistant.  Miss Elliott works in all of our classes to cover PPA, but also supports Phonics teaching in Class 2 as well as other bits and bobs around school.  Miss Elliott is an expert on all things ‘St. Peter’s’, so any questions, just ask!

Miss. Halton

Miss Halton is our High Level Teaching Assistant.  She is currently on Maternity Leave, but we look forward to having her back soon.

Mrs. Bekas

Mrs. Bekas is one of our 1:1 TAs.  She works in Class 4.  Mrs. Bekas is our Little Fishers leader.

Mrs. Janjua

Mrs. Janjua is one of our 1:1 TAs.  She works in Class 4. .

Mrs. Jain

Mrs. Jain is one of our 1:1 TAs.  She works in Class 1.

Miss. Warnke

Miss Warnke is our guardian angel, who steps in to help whenever we need her.  She is very kind and generous with her time.  Miss Warnke works as a mid-day supervisor, but you will often also find her volunteering in the school office and in class as a teaching assistant.  She is currently supporting in Class 1.

Mrs. Giacalone

Mrs. Giacalone has worked at St. Peter’s for the longest and if she went on Mastermind, we would be her specialist subject!  Mrs. Giacalone is our office manager and will always be able to help you if you need to know any important information.  Mrs. Giacalone is also one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads. 

Mrs. Bonfante

Mrs. Bonfante is a mid-day supervisor and also helps in Little Fishers.

Mrs. Shah

Mrs. Shah will be joining our Midday supervisor team in November.  She will also be helping in Class too.

Mrs. Turrall

Mrs. Turrall will be joining our Midday supervisor team in the Autumn.

Mrs. Agrawal

Mrs. Agrawal is our midday supervisor.